2coixos                art & design & construction


I am a dutch  Conseptual artist living in Portugal. Here i am slowly trying to

build my personal bohimian utopia.

My personal work revolves around machines, mechanical devices and vehicls.(mamel vs. Machine) Often in metal, and lots of  other materials.

I like to precent my work in short movies, performances or as moving or static  objects at Festivals, YouTube, exebitions or on a permanent location.

I olso make works under commission, in wich i often step over the borders of my consept and personal stile to please te customer.

To make a living i also do al sorts of construction and repairing work.

Metal and wood construction, stone and cementwork electricity and plumbing. Being an artist i naturally like to design and make somthing special out of these projects (if that is possible)

Future plans

*Participate on festivals in Portugal, Spain (and the rest of the world) with wonderful acts, Performance, movies and art projects.

*Get some people and a weird scripts together and make  some crazy movies.


2coixos is the home of the artist erik botman

Pictures  (left)

sundile (under commis sion)marbel and granid inlayd with colard glas and brass

(top middel) hardcore rolerblades (down) table (right) mozaik in bathroom